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Residential Audio Visual

At Immersive Technologies, we offer Audio/Visual Systems fitting your residence requirement for relaxation and partying. We propose systems within your commercial frame.
The systems can be on Stand-Alone set up or be integrated part of a bigger Smart Home or Home Cinema.

Commercial Audio Visual

At Immersive Technologies, we offer Commercial Audio/Visual systems summarized as follows:

Applicable for Clubs, Bars and Events
Applicable for Offices, Retail Stores, Restaurant
To build privacy over meetings
Such as Video Projectors, Monitors, etc.

Audio / Visual Equipment List

Data projectors

These are used to project an image from:
  • Classroom computer
  • Document camera
  • Laptop
  • Any other VGA compatible device


Wireless microphones

These are used for presenters who will be presenting to an audience in larger lecture all or event space. Typically, powered speakers and a microphone mixer are needed as well.

Powered Speakers

Powered speakers are used in conjunction with microphones and microphone mixers to provide audio for a large audience in a lecture hall or event space.


Microphone Mixers

Microphone mixers, or mixers, are used when multiple microphones and/or audio devices are connected to powered speakers.



(includes a built-in microphone)

Our Partner Brands

Dolby (USA)
Electro Voice (USA)
Meyer Sound	 (USA)
QSC Audio (USA)
Soundcraft (Canada)
Yorkville (Canada)

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